By introducing Dynamic Lead Solution for one of our clients:

  • 100% of prospect lead sources were tracked.
  • 100% of all lead prospect follow ups were tracked through move-in.
  • All walk-in traffic at the property was tracked.
  • Monitoring site visit frequency.
  • Cross-selling to other properties in the portfolio.
What we achieved:

  • 3% improvement in the vacancy.
  • Over $600,000 savings in cost of advertising
  • Over 300 move-ins from cross selling.
"We love DLS on our site, easy to access we actually have traffic and sales from DLS, good source for follow-up. Allows us to email prospects back and forth. To eliminate DLS would take away the possibility of getting prospects to visit our sites that normally would not."

-Property Manager
"A great tool for upper management to measure performance."

-Marketing Director

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